Friday, July 29, 2011

"Nipples thru bra"


One of most searched keywords that leads people to my blog... "nipples thru bra". Please, take a sec and search my site. Go ahead, I'll wait.
This is not sex site. Sex is complicated enough without me sticking my nose into it. Sure, I'll occasionally talk about it but why is google sending perverts to my site with "nipples thru bra"?

...wait, I haven't thought this through.
I've changed my mind. People who search for something as innocent as "nipples thru bra" are totally  welcome here. If you were searching for "mandatory sex party", bien venue! If you were searching for "sexy red headed blogger", you are defenitly in the right place. But if you were searching for anything to do with sheep, trapeze, or zipper maskes, I think you're in the wrong place. You've stepped out of 'pervert' territory and into 'freak' country. Perhaps go here instead and lighten up. Otherwise...