Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm a Quick Draw With my Glue Gun

This is what happens when you let me near a glue gun.

I have no idea where I'm planning to wear this but I'm now the proud owner of a flower bra. The tattered, old pink bra I was going to throw away but instead I glued a ton of flowers to it.  I feel so 90's in this thing. Didn't Selena used to fun around in tights and a flowered bra?

Anyway, chock this up to my itchy fingers but I'm happy with it.

Any other ideas that could recycle old bras?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Craft Therapy and Ice Cream.

I am still here. Barely.

I've been going through a hard time lately and haven't been writing anything. Actually, I've been actively avoiding life, taking care of myself or seeing friends.  But in attempting to break myself out of this glum, I've been trying to be proactive, finish projects, take classes, etc. I'm so proud of my latest project, I wanted to share with you.

I found these shoes at Ross for $5. They were the display model, or at least that's what the sticker on the bottom said. I'm not really into this bright of a color but I knew they had potential. So I darkened them a bit with a sharpie, got out my hot glue gun and got to work. And after a ton of blisters, a semi-serious burn/open wound and half a bucket of cheap '"rhinestones" later...


I really shouldn't be so excited about these but I am. They are ridiculous and over the top and I love them. It's like wearing a disco ball on my feet. Now I just have to figure out where to wear them... Perhaps I'll just go out for a free ice cream cone on Tuesday at B&Js.

Nothing cures the blues like wearing your new DIY while eating a scoop of peanut brittle.

No really. Free Cone Day. Do it!