Thursday, July 10, 2014

Instant, Loud and So Many Things

We are living in an amazing time.

Every bit of information that ever existed can be found or bought with the touch of our fingertips from almost anywhere in the world. I've had flowers to be sent to my mother while standing in a praire in Kansas. I've bought my favorite gummies (only sold in parts of Greece and Turkey) from my living room. I've been at a temple in Kyoto and sent an urgent file to my boss on the other side of the world with my phone. My phone has a power like no other. I can contact anyone. I can ship anything to anywhere. It allows me to travel anywhere and still get work done. Hell, I'm over the Atlantic as I write this.

It's not a perfect object though. It allows us to forgot more easily. (Forgot who that guy in that one movie is? Don't use your brain! Just google it!) It distracts us. (Damn you, Plants Vs Zombies.)  And it interrupts. Like when you're on vacation, in a beautiful Japanese temple, quietly meditating on life when your boss calls in a panic, looking for that one file he needs.

So why am I blathering on about all this stuff that you already know? Because I'm on my second flight of the 36 hour long day and someone has deemed it necessary that I listen to Rihanna.

If your phone makes any noise (ANY NOISE) then you are interrupting someone. You are being rude. It's equivalent to you randomly singing at the top of your lungs. And when I'm just trying to order food or read on the subway or use a public bathroom, it's un-nerving. But honestly, if you pick it up, excuse yourself and leave the area, we will forgive you. It's a phone call. We all get them. It's fine. 

But why, IN THE NAME OF BATMAN, must you watch a YouTube video, listen to music, put your personal call on speaker? I don't like your music. I don't want to know about your mom's hysterectomy. And if you watch a funny cat video on full sound, I will come over and watch over your shoulder. I assumed that is what you wanted since you are sharing that kicky cat music with the rest of the people in this library while I was pretending not to peruse the bodice-ripping romance novels. 

We are all crammed in this together, whether it be the city, an office or in this shiny metal bird. Let's try to remember that we are all inherently selfish assholes then correct that behavior. 

At least until we land.