Monday, April 19, 2010

Things I learned in Paris

It was like a dream.

Monday I decided that I needed Paris, or it needed me and by Friday I was on a flight. Now on the eve of another trip, I recall my first visit and what I gleened from my experience.

-One must SLOW DOWN to enjoy certain things. Way down.
-(some) French men are hot, but wasted because of the poor attitude...
-Walking is good. Great. Fabulous. Something that makes you feel alive when you walk out and breath in a little Paris smog, french bread and coffee.
-Maybe it was because I was only there for a short time, but the French: not so evil!
-I don't miss the days when you could smoke anywhere in America...
-I found that my art appreciation class actually came in handy and that I yearn to know more about the art that shapes our lives.
-Modern art can be annoying.
-Graveyards can be great!
-French kissing in public... not so hot.

But mostly, I am just nobody; a small fish in a big pond. I should get what I can out of this life and ENJOY IT! Because when you're not looking, life will pass you by.

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