Monday, November 28, 2011

Ok, so I'm a little dead...

Death is a bit of an eggageration.

So I've been away on my honeymoon for a few weeks or so and I'm finally recovered enough to crawl to my keyboard and tell you all (nobody) what I've been up to. Soooo lets see...

  • I got married
  • Had not one but two receptions, each in a different state
  • Continued looking for work, running errands, cleaning, organizing and packing
  • Flew to Europe
  • Skipped though Paris
  • Danced though Italy
  • Food poisoned hubby
  • And a partridge in a fucking pear tree! Yay!
So now I'm back and ready to move ahead with some amazing and riviting stories of the natural and not-so-natural world! 

Glad to be home!

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