Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Cost of Limes

I was 16, in Mexico, stuffing my cheeks full of taquitos like a deranged Mexican hamster.

I went to Mexico City with my 9th grade Spainish class and happened to also turn 16 over the trip. I also thought I didn't need a hat or sunscreen or water while I climbed the Mayan temples and also thought it was fine to eat my salmon sandwhich although it had been on the un-air-conditioned bus for 5 hours.

Needless to say, I almost fainted, puked my guts up and had lobster-red arms. I woke up the next day, on my birthday,

So now I don't eat salmon and I love Mexican food. That said, the Mexican cartels are putting a cramp in my style. (As well as bullets in peoples heads, among other really horrible things.) You've probably read lately about how the heavy rains and a bacteria damaged the lime crop but more news worthy the Mexican cartel The Knights Templar have taken over the sale of limes to diversify from their main export: drugs.

Wouldn't it be cool if we, Americans and other countries alike, got so fed up with our lack of limes we rose up, decided to stand no more for the cartels, and found a way to end the corruption, killings and evil all because of limes?

The Mexican government has promised to send military help but until then, we Americans will have to make do with bad margarita mixs and lemons served with our Cuba Libres.

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