Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Essembly days makes me nervous.

Good morning Northside Elementary.

This is Mrs. Bouldus's 4th grade class and the title of my essay is: Things I am grateful for by Ms. Celluloid Thelma Darling.

*clears throat, awkwardly pulls at dress*

People seem to be angry a lot. Traffic, jobs they don't like, their boss who yells a lot.

So I am here to remind everyone of the little everyday things that are good.

  • Popping a really juicy pimple
  • The sound of ice breaking when you pour coke over it.
  • Eating a cookie, even though your mom said no cookies before dinner. Those cookies somehow taste better...
  • Open fields, cause they're perfect for a picnic, red rover, a walk, cartwheels or just feeling the wind go through the little holes between the thread in your clothes and touch your skin.
  • When you let someone into your lane and they wave a little 'thank you' wave.
  • Pee-Wee's playhouse, cause who doesn't want a talking Pterodactyl and personal genie?
  • Pee-wee's Playhouse
  • When you have to pee really really bad and you finally make it to a bathroom and the bathroom is clean and quiet. That's awesome.
  • Making your own ice cream. I once made purple mint ice cream with banana bits in it. It tasted good.
  • Watching your favorite movies and daytime TV when you're home sick.
  • When that perfect song is playing at the perfect moment in life... now this is a rare one. It's your favorite romantic song while slow dancing or that inspiration song comes over the loud speakers during the last game of the season.
  • After several attempts, making the perfect roasted marshmallow
  • The sound of fajitas on a hot plate
  • When someone says, "I love you" and you know they really mean it
  • When you go to the restroom and by the time you come back, you waitress has brought your food, like they somehow knew when you were leaving and coming back.
  • Slow dancing with your husband in the living room
  • When a baby wraps it's tiny hand around your finger
  • SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 5 : An ice cream cone is ...For no reason
  • Having such a good time you don't realize it's already past midnight
  • When you mom or dad picks you up in the middle of the school day just to hang out, go shopping, get ice cream and/or see a movie.
  • When the hot guy with the mohawk at the liquor store smiled at you
  • Stepping into a bucket of beans barefoot without getting thrown out of the farmers market
  • Falling asleep on the couch and having someone walk you to bed and tuck you in
  • Making someone happy and then watching them when they don't know you're looking
  • Ice cream, for no reason
  • The sound that a bunch of colored pencils make then the rattle around in a bin
  • Showering after a long flight
  • When you and your friend know all the words to the same awesome song and sing it loud and off key
  • Dogs
  • When you pull up to a meter and there's still time in it
  • Falling in love with a dress, deciding to buy it even though you can't afford it, then they ring it up on sale! 40% off!
  • When you know the answers to a tv games show and then you feel like the smartest person alive
This concludes my essay. I hope you liked it. I think I might make it a two-parter. Thank you and have a good day. Oh! And Principal Thomas says tomorrow, we are having chicken instead of meat loaf. Thanks.

*Bows and then trips over a shoelace and falls off the stage*

I'm okay!

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