Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Any headstone that blows bubbles wins my approval
I've been thinking about the movie Toys a lot lately.

Not sure why. It wasn't that great of a movie. Kind of creepy and without focus.

Robin Williams, Joan Cusak and Michael Gambon aka the new Dumbledore or Baltus in Sleepy Hallow(side note: was Baltus the one who got the picket fence through his chest and pulled from the church to have his head cut off?). Don't forget LL Cool J and Jaime Fox and the lovely Robin Wright before the 'Penn' was added and will surely be removed again.

I think the bright and strange images, taken/inspired from Rene Magritte, make me feel comforted or something. And that even though it's whimsical (the movie and his paintings), tragedy still occurs. (Rene witnessed his mother's body being pulled from the river after her suicide when he was a boy; this might have influenced some of his later paintings.) I tend to like the paintings without the massive harsh shadows better but I dig all of them.

I keep thinking about the scene at the beginning of the movie, where the children are burying their father. The rolling green fields and at the top of the hill, a beautiful stone elephant that blows bubbles. If I were to be buried, I would want that.
And the swan bed that his sister sleeps in is so something from a dream. Although, if they closed the top, I might have a bit of clausterphobia and claw my way out. "Oh GOD the walls are closing in on me! HELP! The giant swan is KILLING ME!"

Regardless, the movie was ok, the paints were great and I still like them both. So there.

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