Friday, November 12, 2010

What? Twinkies?

I don't eat them.

Well, not anymore. But as a child, my grandma would go to the Hostess store and buy several boxes of sweet treats for our arrival for summer. My brother and I would eat the chocolate covered hockey pucks wrapped in foil(Ding Dongs), plastic wrapped chocolate rolls(Ho-hos) and soft yellow cake logs. They remind me of happier times. I think if I had to eat one now, I may not be able to keep it down. Ug. But they're facinating never the less!

They were birthed in Illinos during the early years of The Great Depression. Originally filled with banana cream, Twinkies were hit by the WW2 when bananas were rationed. The switch to vanilla creme was so popular, they never switched back.

They are made from corn by products, emulsifiers, shortening, flavoring and a few other scientific ingredients before they are baked in the ovens. After a shot of filling, off they go to their respective homes. (Whether they be in a deep frier, random recipe or straight into your mouth)

President Clinton put one in a time capsule, people make wedding cakes from them and the American Society of Media Photographers used it as its main source in the Object Show. But they won't survive a nuclear blast or last for 25 years. (More like 25 days.)

500 million are eaten every year so odds are, you have had one yourself...  Now, don't you feel like you're part of something bigger than yourself?

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