Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday thoughts

Getting old sucks.

I was never one of those kids that couldn't wait to grown up. I wanted to be little forever. And why not? Nap time, snack time, play time... And life was perfect when mom made mac and cheese for dinner and you could watch TGIF on ABC.

And getting older, even with the perks of driver's license and boyfriends and independence, isn't always fun. I have noticed that my body can't handle the stress it used to. When all I eat is chocolate and coffee, I get fatter. I can't stay up all night without DIRE consequences. I'm no longer flexible and my energy level is on the ground most of the time.

The older you get you have to look at your life and start to make decisions. I bought and sold my first house in 2 years. What now? Should I start over again? Should I get married? What about babies? (and I can't wait too much longer for children, to keep the risk low for healthy mom and baby...) I need to take better care of myself; it's not like when your younger and can skip those doctor appointments. Dentists, gynos, doctors ....plastic surgeons???

Mostly I hate turning one year older because this will be another year I get older than my brother. We were born 18 months apart. He's still 21 and get older every year. That is the true motherfucker of it all.

And I mean that.

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