Saturday, June 8, 2013

She-Beasts and Pretty Girls

I am a hulking hairy man-girl.

Or at least that’s how I feel, standing in the Ginza district, watching the chicks pass by my cafe table.

I always thought I was a girly girl. Yeah, I hung out with guys mostly and nothing is better than a great pair of jeans but I’m still pretty feminine. I wear makeup most days, in one form or another. I wear 5 inch heels. I wax, dye, tease and primp.  I girl is up pretty hard sometimes. But I am Chuck Norris compared to these lovely ladies here in Japan.

Now I am making a blanket statement when I say ALL Japanese woman are sweet, petite, lovely girly beauties. I’m sure there are some less pink wearing, jeans/tshirt/tennis shoe girls out there too.  But just observing from my perch, I have to say, these women are amazing. All heels, frilly skirts, pastels and flowers. Lace ankle socks. Sparkly hair do-dads. Even their phones are adorable. Their purses have cute little stuffed animals attached. They are all so feminine that I feel like the She-Hulk, without the awesome hair.

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I'm sitting here, wearing boots and a leather jacket and my hair is all frizzy so it's in a crazy mess of a bun on top of me head. I'm all sweaty and melting and jittery because of the coffee. Why can’t I wear these narrow tiny shoes with little bows and knee socks? Why can’t I wear a frilly mini dress with floral pattern? Why? Because I’d look like your dad in a floral mini and knee socks. Now that’s a nice image, eh? I’m not built for that look and I’m coming to accept it. No really, I am. 

Much like I mentioned before, I'm a bit contradictory. Part of me wants to be the petite pixie with curls and bows. Part of me wants to wear leather and get in bar fights. Part of me wants to ride a sparkly unicorn on a rainbow. So why not have it all?

So I'm going to buy a cute bow for my hair, drink martinis, get in bar fights, and be it all. 

Try and stop me. 

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