Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The way we move

Dancing is silly.

You wave your arms and shake your ass and jump around. It's quite a sight.

But for me it is more. So much more. It's life, love, pain. It's a religion. It's everything. And there is no real way to explain it. Only other dancers know this feeling; it fills you up and makes you move. It makes you beautiful and perfect, everything you want to be.

My gorgeous friend Georgiana dances flamenco professionally and she said something that sums it all up for me.
"The truest expression of a person is in their dance. Bodies never lie."
Maybe that's why I love it. The moment you open your mouth you can lie lie lie but dance and that is you. Then open you mouth again and say what you will but I just saw it all buddy.

I can tell you, from my personal experience, dancing is the best medicine. A cure in modern times. It's so much better than a spa weekend, than therapy, and yes, even sex. There! I said it! It's better than sex. And you can quote me.

When I dance ballet or jazz or at the club or tango, swing, waltz or just tossing myself into the pit, I'm in control of all yet nothing at all. I'm in the spotlight but so is everyone else around me. We are player on a stage of our own lives. The main role in our own movies.

I was in a little dance club in Osaka and saw this beautiful girl, so demure and sweet looking. She had short dark hair and a short skirt on, that she kept pulling down and straightening. A new song came on and the lighting queue changed and she marched on out to the dance floor and started flailing and bouncing and rocking out. I sat there and thought to myself, "Fuck yeah!" That's my kind of girl.

I probably look ridiculous. I look like the crazy people at the asylums dancing with their arms over their head, spinning to the songs that play in their head. (G-d bless their heads) But that's why dancing matters! You can't judge those people, the ones without rhythm or sense of space or movement. Just look at their faces. They feel that same love and joy that any fully qualified professional dancer feels. So why would you judge that pure joy?

We are all fools, whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. You should too.
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