Monday, September 15, 2008


I had a nightmare.

I dreamed I was a girl who was nobody.
Everything was too loud, too bright; it made her senses shriek and her body burn. She drove in a car and sat in traffic for two hours everyday to get to where she was going. But when she got there, it wasn't a good thing. Her boss ignored her unless she did something wrong. Her coworkers teased and berated her. Her car broke down and no one can help her change a tire. The people she loved die suddenly and without explanation. No one can tell her where they went. Fresh fruit cost more than a can of spaghetti. She began to cry in the middle of the frozen foods and no one looked at her twice. They walked past her, got in their monster trucks and sped off into the hazy sunset. She didn't matter to anyone and no one knew who she was or that she was there.

I was so glad to wake up. That place was so gray and mean. The bad guys looked just like the good guys. People killed each other without feeling. Theory and agendas were more important than living together, free and happy.

Yes, my world is still flawed. People die and buildings abandoned. Bad things still happen. But here we have the power to change it. And we hug strangers and lend a hand. Magic lives here, and I'm not talking hocus pocus rabbitty babbitty out of a hat either.

I do as I want and make this world. I am not G-d but I am not useless, like the girl in my nightmare. Here, no one is useless. We are loved, even if we don't know it. And we all have the power to change anything we want. Welcome.

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