Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Odd Circumstance

I must always remind myself that life only exists because of odd circumstance.

The strange things that happen in the world that make other things happen that makes other things... and so on.

Eva Braun

If Hitler was killed in the first (organized) assassination attempt (by Hitler's own people) was on March 11, 1944, the war would have ended 14 months earlier, saving countless lives. Entire generations would exist. But that attempt failed. As did SEVENTEEN other, one as early as November 8, 1939 in which a disgruntled cabinetmaker who resented Nazi control over unions planted a bomb during one of Hitler's speeches. For some reason, Hitler left 8 minutes earlier than planned and avoided his own death. When the bomb exploded, it killed several Nazi party members and even injured Eva Braun's father. Can you imagine if Johann Elser had succeeded in killing Hitler in 1939. A mere 8 minutes cost the world so much.

And there is also Alicia Foster. She started acting when she was 3 but didn't recieve her big

A montage of the Reagan assassination attempt

break until she was 14. And all the while a young man was watching, pining over the beautiful girl on the silver screen. He began writing her love letters and following her around Yale's campus while she made her way to classes. She would call her at all hours and became increasingly creepy. John Hinckley Jr. decided he would have to kill then president Ronald Regan to get her attention. Jodie Foster would later state in court that they had no relationship, to which he flipped his shit and stated "I'll get you Foster!". Hinckley fired six times. Four were hit. Everyone survived. The press secretary was hit in the head and lost the use of the left side of his body. The last bullet he fired missed the president, hit the presidential limo, allowing the bullet to richote and hit Regan in the armpit, collapsing his lung. Think of all the things that had to happen for that moment to happen... Little Alicia's mom decides not to take her to the Coppertone commercial, that acting isn't what her child needs. Or perhaps John sought help for his increasingly delustional thoughts. Or even if the president had moved a little to the left, George Bush Sr. would have been president 4 years earlier than he was.

(By the way, Hinckley is currently living only part time in the mental hospital. He has 4 days/nights a week he's allowed to stay with his parents, under their supervision. Keep an eye out Jodie... If I were you I would not be cool with that...)

All to a simple twist of fate.

Now there are some who say, it doesn't matter, it all would have happened anyway. Hitler could have died in 1939, but someone just as bad would have taken his place and history would have taken the same path. Or if Jodie hadn't been a star, Hinckley would have found someone else to obsesse over and still have shot the president. I don't know. I'm no psychic.

I just think "What if?"
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