Monday, March 2, 2009

Asking the universe

Dear Universe,

Sunset balloon flight

I'm not ready yet but I wanted to just put it out there. I wanted to let you know the kind of man I want/need when the time comes and I'm ready to start dating again.

Remarkable eyes
Medium to full lips
Nice skin
Nice arms
Slightly above average to excellent muscle tone (no gut please)
Takes care of his physical being(exercises and no drugs!)
Generally "handsome"

Funny (this is a big one)
Treats me as if I hung the moon
Finds joy in the little things
Fully capable
Social, with good manners
Confident but not cocky or 'charming'

Healthy sexual ideals and practices
Healthy relationships with his family and friends
Generally positive outlook on life
Excellent coping skills
No addicts please

Everything else
Financially smart and stable
Makes more $ than me
Appreciates and loves his family
His parents are still married and happy
Clean criminal record
Has a car that runs, in good shape
College degree BA or higher
Has a career, not just a job
Singe, never married, no kids
Someone who is 'complete' without me
No military
Has his own place, ie not living in with his parents
Oh, and if he could not be allergic to cats, that would be great.

I know it's a tall order but I'm worth it.
Thanks so much and I really appreciate you and all you do.


PS-Good job on last evening's sunset. It was awesome.
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