Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scared to death

Internet dating

I am a confident, beautiful woman.

I can flirt and talk up a storm and bend a man to my will.

But with everything that has happened, it has rocked my confidence ever so slightly. Dealing with the breakup, my grandfather getting remarried and my existential love crisis has messed with my head. Now, almost 3 months since the end of my last relationship I have been asked out on a date.

I'm trying to keep my cool...A date?! Oh lord, what do I do?! Do I even want to start dating anyone again? Am I ready? What if I'm not ready and I go out with this guy and he's great? What then? What if he's another freak I have to shake off? What if we get married and have babies with oddly shaped heads???

No! I'm not going to flip out. He seems like a very nice man. I'm just going to go out with him, keep my eyes peeled for any signs of neurosis or mental illness and have a lovely time. And I might pat him down to check for weapons. And do a background check. And bring my own weapon.

Dating is hard.

*facial twitch*
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