Monday, March 23, 2009

Daydream in the tub with Ramen

Dreaming can be dangerous.

Last night while I was slurping Raman (the noodles, not the

Montage of World War II

guy, you sick pervs) in my bubble bath, reading "The Greatest Love Stories of WWII", I was daydreaming. I've been considering changing careers. The consulting business is getting to be too much of the same for me. And in these hard times, I see my services go to larger and larger companies and the more uncomfortable I get. And I know that my paycheck has come from bailout money once or twice and I'm not totally okay with that.

So there I was, in the tub, considering what I could do.

Pixie's List of Alternative jobs:
Travel Writer

Three rubber ducks in foam bathI don't think they know either

Small time Editor
World War II "reenactor"
Rubber ducky tester
Hammock Crocheter

Ok, so I'm joking with some of those. But how does one start a new career at my age and still pay the bills?

I'm asking you little duckies...
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