Monday, March 30, 2009

As she screams, "Again?"

I am fed up, my friends.

While driving through a legal green turn arrow, some jackass forgot to brake and tboned my brand new car. And again, just like my last accident, this asshole wasn't driving his own car so the car's owner's insurance doesn't cover other drivers. What is the point of paying hundreds of dollars every month if when I get hit I STILL have to pay for the damage done by others? And why doesn't the insurance companies or the law make someone other than the victim pay?

And why can't my insurance company grow a set of giant, hairy, brass balls and go after these

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people with everything they have! So far this year, uninsured or under insured drivers hitting me have cost my insurance company over $12,000! (and over $2000 out of pocket for me!) And it's only March! Get out there Mr. Claims-adjuster and brake some knee caps!

I am utterly helpless in this situation. All I can do is sit on my ass and wait for the insurance companies to go back and forth and debate policy terms and definitions of the word 'is' at a snail's pace.

So there goes another $500 and without a car for at least a week and I am praying that it won't be totaled. My brand new car that I've had for 2 months. That still has the new car smell. That is still clean on the inside. That I just put a new CD/DVD player in.

I am so very tempted to exact revenge on the people who keep hitting my car and get away with it. Subscribe them to every magazine I can find. Send them 16 pizzas with extra anchovies. Give out their names and numbers to telemarketers. Post ads in the paper for intimate encounters: only fat, sweaty and horny need apply... But I know my dirty deeds will come back around to bite me in the ass. So I'm stuck up here, on the high road, broke with no car.

Sometimes being the good girl is such a pain in my ass.

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