Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I believe.

I believe.

I believe in the seemingly impossible. The things that go unseen. The things people might point and laugh at me for, which they have. I believe.

I'm sure there will be many more little blogs about this topic. I'm in love with the strange things in life. But with Halloween long gone and people focus shifting back to less spooky things, I tend to stay in that creepy frame of mind.

I have been fascinated by ghosts since I heard my first ghost story. Things under sheets fly

Snap-Apple Night by Daniel Maclise portrays a ...

through the air, shouting "BOO!" and making you jump. As I grew older I read more and more on the subject. There were less 'sheet' ghosts, more apparitions, orbs, spirits walking/floating, talking or turning on lights. Like a thin sheet between worlds, some might glimpse something that shouldn't be there.

There are orbs, spirits, apparitions, EVPs, spiritcoms, "ghostcams"or EVP TVs, mist, plasma or

His & Her Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

just a feeling. Some can be easily faked, others not so much. America began it's interest in the other side in the late 1900's, when it was seen by most more of a hobby, less of "communing with the devil". A few hundred years earlier, if you were caught having a seance or even speaking with a spiritualist that would be enough for a hanging. Heck, Mary Todd Lincoln was a huge fan of spitualism and would often spend her money on psychics and hold seances trying to contact her dead loved ones. (She buried her mother when she was seven years old, three of her four children, as well as her husband before she finally passed in 1880.)

We have all felt it. You walk into a space and you get a feeling. You can't prove a feeling but you

The main gate at the former nazi death camp of...

know you are feeling something not normal. People walk into places like Auschwitz, the Tower of London or maybe just normal building. I know touring a house my parents were going to buy I got an uneasy, sad feeling for seemingly no reason. On another tour, accompanied by a friend of the family (she called herself "sensitive to certain things"), she stopped on a spot near the office and stated that something wasn't right. Someone had tried to kill herself here. She said we needed to smuge (use sage to cleanse) the house before purchasing it. Good thing we listened. Our first week in the house, our contractor came in to replace the carpet with wood floor. When pulling up the carpet near the office, he called us up to look at the very large, dark stain on the base boards, under the carpet.

There are so many ghost stories out there, none of which can be proven. One after another of the security guards at Alcatraz claim to hear or see things; men screaming out or cell doors closing. Twenty eight men died on the rock, either from suicide (5), murder(8) or natural causes(15).

John Lennon

In 1995, Paul McCarney claimed that while recording with the other two remaining Beatles he felt the presences of John Lennon in the studio.

President Teddy Roosivelt said that he would often see Lincoln in different rooms of the White house.

Vincent Price

Vincent Price was flying home in 1958 when he glanced up to look out the window. There he saw, lit up on a cloud like the batman signal, "Tyrone Power is dead". His plane landed and he recieved the news that his friend was indeed dead from a heart attack during a swashbuckling sword fight scene at 44 years old. (Strangly enough, Power held his father Tyrone Power Sr, while he lay dying of, what else, a heart attack when he was 17 years old.)

And then there was June of 2007. My brother had been gone for about two months. I was back at work and having a really bad day. I couldn't stop crying and looking at his pictures and writing him letters. I was a mess. The phone began to ring. I was going to let someone else get it but after the third ring I realized that everyone I worked for was a lazy douchenozzle and picked it up myself. The line was dead. I was about to hang up when I heard something on the other end. It was music. It played the whole song, a song about taking it slow, one day at a time and how everything was going to be okay. Then it hung up. And that was it. Just a little reminder. I know it was him.

I know there is something out there. I don't know what exactly; I don't pretend to know the inner workings of our universe. But I do know there is something out there. I believe.

But mostly, I believe because I must. People die. People I love. People I felt had more to do, who left too soon. People that had no justice or peace. This is why I must believe there is more after we leave. Laugh and call me weak minded. I don't mind. I believe.

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I respect you may believe differently. I'm hurting no one with my beliefs so if you're angry or want to argue, write someone else. This is something that cannot be changed in me so please don't try. And you should probably go read a different blog. Love and peace to you my friend.
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