Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Impossible

They say it can't be done.

They say there is no way to get a good feel for the city in one week. They can suck it. I'm still going to try.

I'm planning my trip to London today and I feel like I've just scratched the surface. As far as basic places to visit and experience, this is what I've been told so far from family and friends:

St. Paul's Cathedral (due to my interest about the home front during WWII)
The London Eye (cause who doesn't like a giant ferris wheel?)
London Eye

The Natural History Museum
Tower of London (it's morbid; what else is there?)
Buckingham Palace (so that I may flip off the Queen... or just wave. Whichever)
Houses of Parliament (V for Vendetta?)
The Shakespeare Globe Theater (and see a play, of course)
King's Cross (because I'm a giant dork)
London Zoo
Abby Road

Any other brilliant ideas?

ps-my face continues to fall off. Just so you know.

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