Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adam and Eve

It must be accepted.

Men and woman are different. The man I am seeing is very much so. We keep having the same kind of disagreement. He wants a new TV. A large flat screen. He says it would look great in the game room downstairs. I assure him it would but we already have 4 TVs, 3 of which are over 30 inches. We don't need another TV when we have 3 large ones that aren't being utilized enough already. (Not to mention we are both on the ends of large Eve (Temptation)purchases and don't have the extra cash to spend on such frivolous things...) Then he will restate his previous statement, to which I will reply again with my point and round and round we go.

I have accepted that this is a disagreement that will not be won by either party. I will never be convinced that we need something that we already have and he will not be convinced that it's a needless purchase. I have accepted this and steered away from the conversation or tell him that, yes, feel free to buy that new TV but I don't agree with you. Yet, he continues to bring it up. He continues to believe that he can convince me.

I feel I have accepted that there are certain things that men and women will never understand about each other. It might still infuriate me but in the end, there is nothing I can do about it. (For example, boys and their toys will not be separated. Or for me at least, if I have the funds, I will never stop buying shoes, even though I have a bunch.) But now I find myself in quite the predicament. Said man, The Chief, is moving in and he wants it his way, as he should because it will be his house too.

I understand he needs his cave, that is very important for a guy, but I feel it's impeding my creative space. The way the house is set up... I'm going to have to move my art studio somewhere else. (the laundry room) This is not how I imagined moving in would be. I guess I have seen too many movies.

But live and learn. It's just going to be mighty cold this winter... Maybe I should just pack up everything and store it until I get my next house. That makes me a little sad and a kind of defeated feeling...

Sometimes I think seeing a woman would be easier. But then I remember women are fucking crazy. That's why I don't have many women friends. We don't always see eye to eye. My other option is being alone, unless you count the dozens of cats. Or I'll have to go to G-d and ask for a third option. I don't see that going well.
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