Friday, October 31, 2008

Rest in Peace...I love Halloween. Always have. Always will.

I get to dress up and be someone completely different. I get to eat candy and drink smoking liquid from a cauldron. Talk of ghost and goblins is nothing out of the ordinary. And it's completely acceptable to act like a child again.

This year I'm in Texas visiting Liza for Halloween and I'm not sure I could have picked a better spot. The weather is perfect, even for the skimpiest costume. The people are friendly and in good spirits(no pun intended). And with a touch of Dia de Los Muertos, it's an amazing backdrop. We wandered the grave yards from the Mexico-American and Civil War.

Island Pacanda, Lake Patzcuaro Mexico - Dia de...I dressed in my best Mortisha dress and hooded cloak and wandered the cemetery and chatted quietly, nodding hello to the random passerby. It was peaceful, yet cheerful but still dignified.

Tonight there will no doubt be more festivities and I'll be there. Candle in hand. Candy in the other.

Next year? Salem. I feel the need for fancy dress and masquerades.

Happy Halloween everyone!
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Anonymous said...


I was a camper during what I think was the second year of the camp. I was so glad to finally learn more about what happened to the camp from your blog. During my time there (3 weeks), nothing really bad ever happened (just two incidents where students had to be sent home for drug and weapon issues) but I definitely had creepy feelings about "Llew". There just was something not quite right about him. Anyways, thank you for sharing your story. I definitely wonder what he's up to these days and occasionally look online to see if there's anything new.