Thursday, October 9, 2008

Violate me! Not my car! No, wait... Nevermind.

Someone just hit my car.

I was visiting my friend Laura at her work in the ghetto, standing in front of the floor to ceiling glass window, when a woman in a white minivan hits my lovely. My baby was defiled by a minivan!

Laura was looking over my shoulder and I started to get mad because she wasn't paying attention to my story about the time Don Cornelius hit one me and then I heard BAM. Violated car.

A car accident in Colorado Springs, Colorado.At first, I was steaming. "Crazy old bat" came out of my mouth before I even got outside. But then I took a breath and looked at the damage. It wasn't awful. And the little old lady was very kind. Off her rocker a bit but sweet.

After I took that breath, I was fine. I really don't let things get to my like they used to. Sure, I vent about the silly things that annoy me or cause my stress but in the long run, nothing can effect me because I will always be me. I'm there for myself. I've got a friend in me. ...hmm, what other lame sayings can I throw in here? Nah, I think that's just fine.

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