Thursday, October 23, 2008

Return to the homeland

The Chief is headed back from wence he came.

He's taking some time away to get his head on straight and figure out this little thing called life. We will still be us and he will come back. Yet, the journey will be hard. There is so much work to be done, I worry for him. But after much time and unhappiness, I know now that I can not help him anymore than he could have helped me when I was going through something similar. Some journey's are meant to be traveled alone. I just hope he's up for it. Japanese painting

Fall is here. Change. We all have to change. It's impossible not to, for me at least. Now I worry, what if I change into someone whom doesn't fit into his life? Vise versa?

Ain't that a bitch. know what though... it's all gonna be ok. I know that. Deep breath. Happy face.
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