Monday, November 3, 2008

Burn the TV and topple the radio towers

US election '08Friggin' vote already and get this election over with!

I am so tired of the sarcastic voice-overs in all the mud slinging ads on the tv and radio. It's insulting to my intelligence.

"Obama wants to show porno to your kindergardener!"
"McCain wants to plug up your vagina!"
"Nader has that creepy wandering eye; do you want that in your next president??!!"

Those ads are only designed for those who are so inept they can't get on the internet and do some freaking research on the possible next president. Holy cow, get informed!

All that said, I am not a political person. I have my charities and issues I feel strongly about, but for the most part I leave them alone and they leave me alone... (well, kinda)

Anyway, I've stopped listening to the radio (I heart my ipod) and have stuck to DVR(I heart the FF button). So educate yourself, get out there, let your voice be heard! (but only if it's intelligent, otherwise, I will openly mock you. Just warning you...) Not only will it be good for our country, but good for our brains, to not listen to the drivel coming over the airwaves.

Unless you watch E or VH1 or MTV or... oh never mind.
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