Friday, December 5, 2008

Bashing me over the head

I'm sure it's because I'm upset.

Perhaps if it was a normal day I wouldn't have noticed or clicked on the link to or read the listings or felt that disappointment in my heart again.

The website is for the broken hearted. "Cash for my heartbreak", writes one person. Pawn shops and consignments are shady so you take your jewelry given to you by your ex and sell it on the website. And there are tons of wedding ring, with sad and bitter stories attached.

heart with coronary arteriesMy Sad Heart. I'm being constantly punched in the face by stories of bad marriage, even worse relationships, as well as one site that proclaimed this - "American woman have several fundamental problems that will never go away, like anti-male bias and pre-occupation with fairness, self-centeredness, ridiculously high expectations, general mental instability and using sex as a weapon and a reward to get things." I'm not making this up. Men are out there and they hate women. And women are out there, hating men. And I am here, sad and confused.

What's the point of love anyway? If there's only sadness, lack of passion and boredom, wouldn't it be better to be alone?

I don't understand.

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