Monday, December 1, 2008

One down, one to go...

I was thinking about christmas the day after t...The holidays are hard.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the hardest. It's like the year, with it's last gasping breath, tries to squeeze the life out of me. No, not my life. My strength. My will to keep a smile on my face. My positive outlook.

The pagans believes that it was a time of death and rebirth. The days are shorter, darker. They would celebrate the last shortest day of the year with yule. Dancing, feasting, and all around merriment. Not so much of that here in the Quadling.

If I can just make it to the 18th... then it's off off and away in my hot air balloon until the new year.

Then it's all cocktails and rainbows. Bring it on 2009!

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