Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm back in the saddle again

And by saddle, I mean my faux leather swivle chair.

Like my ride? I heart my green buggy. Hung out with some fellow dune-buggiers (what? it's a word.) on Cozemel and went around the entire island. Yes, I'm that bright white. Feel free to shield your eyes.

Well, I have returned victorious from my cruise and am back in reality, which I must admit is just a little disappointing. The unreality of the service on my ship was so lovely. Ask and ye shall receive. No really. I got ice cream at three in the morning. And everyone was smiling!

Now I'm sure many of them wanted to cut off my head and chuck me and every other cruiser off the damn boat but they never showed it. WAY better than I would have done. If I were on staff, I'd be running out of places to hide the bodies by the third night.

This is what's left of some random building after the last big hurricane. It's beautiful.

The people just cut their losses and rebuilt next door. The food wasn't great but you couldn't beat the view. I just sat and lounged under what was left of a porch and listened to the waves.

There were many adventure but those will come out in due time. For now, I'm going to take off early and unpack and shake the sand out of... well, everything.

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