Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Friend

I love Nara.

She is beautiful and funny and always fights for me.

During one of my past break ups, when I was feeling lost and abandoned, I wrote a little rant about my disillusionment with men in a general term. He took it VERY personally and demanded I delete my post immediately. Now why he was quasi-cyberstalking me and reading my blog I don't know. But when I told Nara that my ex was threatening legal action if I didn't take down my blog, "Men are just boys with chest hair", she had this to say.

"I would leave the blog there, and post another that is an actual scathing tirade on taking care of a man-child who is physically incapable of caring about anyone but himself, and dating is a hopeless venture for all but those who have hardened their hearts and expect only the very least in the people the temporarily tie themselves to."

That was so fantastic I had to post it here. Finally.

P.S. I didn't take down the blog. It was vague, never mentioned his name or even a specific person at all. He had not a leg to stand on. I win. I lose. We all have a drink and move on.
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