Friday, January 30, 2009

Boba Tea, Boba Fett

I'll try anything twice.

Cow brains? Yum. Blood pudding? Ok. Chocolate covered ants? Yes please!

Anytime I can try something new to eat, I'm right there, first in line. So when I discovered Boba Tea, or Bubble Tea, I wanted some right away.

Bubble tea from Quickly

Boba Tea (or Boba Fett Tea, as I like to call it, cause I'm a bit dorky) comes from the lovely land of Taiwan and has been working it's way west since the 80's. Depending on where you get it, this tea can look quite different. The only kind I've ever had looks like this first picture. It's a creamy, milky color in a clear cup and served with a HUGE straw. Now the reason for the straw is obvious once you take your first big sip. At the bottom of your glass are the ''bubbles'' or ''pearls''. These are tapioca pearls.

Now this is what makes the drink so unique. The tapioca balls are large and chewy. (If you have ever had tapioca pudding and seen the little translucent balls, that's the same thing, except these are larger.) I personally love the consistency but I have friends who don't care for it. They are usually soaked in sugar, honey or other flavors since the plain pearl have no real taste.

Sago puddingTeeny tapioca pearls

The tea itself was originally Taiwanese black tea, condensed milk and honey but over time has morphed into countless types. Iced tea, Green tea, Fruit tea, even coffee, as well as different variations in the colors of the pearls themselves. Also the types of milk is switched up, most opting for non-dairy creamer or powdered of some kind, since genetically many East Asians are lactose intolerant.

Well all this talk has gotten me thirsty. I'm off to the local Lollicup for lovely cup of tea. What kind, I'm not sure of yet. There are so many to choose from! Cheers!
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