Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Men are sometimes clueless, but I don't think they're stupid.

Do you ever think any man was dumb enough to actually call his girlfriend/wife/significant other fat? I'm not talking about a trap question made by the woman... "What do you think of my new jean? Lori says they make my ass look big." That is a trap.

Moss during her waif period"I throw up... A LOT."

Or a misunderstanding, like a man trying to complement his woman for not being a Kate Moss, anorexic twig and she takes it the wrong way. "So what, you're saying I'm a giant ugly cow with a bad haircut?"

Do you think a well meaning, good man has ever come out and just a flat out said, "Wow, you got fat!" Yeah I'm not so sure... unless he means "phat", in which case I need to find a time machine and send him back to 2002.
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