Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome back to the light.

ok, I've been a huge slacker.

Ever since this whole thing with the chief, I've been distracted. But now I'm back and (hopefully) ready to get back to writing.

I'm back to the business of being excited about life.

Today, I'm excited about a warehouse in Los Angeles. A friend calls me saying that he thought that I had mentioned to him a very young designer (or puppet figurehead, whomever you choose to believe) Kira Plastinina. She is a teenage Russian girl who happens to have over 40 shops all over the world and has finally come to LA. She's huge onLOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 14: Designer Kira Plast...OMG, like, I'm bankrupt! the scene, hanging with Paris (gag, choke) and the lot...But there must be some problems, cause someone isn't paying their bills... A storage facility will be selling off a tons of her and other designers clothing because someone wasn't paying their storage fees and now the warehouse company legal owns all the property within the overdue facilities.

Too bad, so sad. I guess I must reap the benefits! I've sent him a shopping list and wired him some cash and I will be getting some sweet cotoure in no time!

This recession sucks, if I may be so eloquent. Not that I really care that Kira's stores are going out, because I know she'll be okay with her trust fund and allowance and such. I do care about people who are really in need. People on the verge of losing their homes or skipping lunch to be able to afford dinner.

I know, I go from "Yay, I'm getting new clothes" to "Those sad poor people!". So I give you this for your pipe, so that you might smoke it. For every piece of clothing I get from California, I'm giving away 3 other pieces. I've been meaning to do some spring cleaning and I know there are those who could use them more than me. I mostly think of myself as a child, searching the racks at the good will, hoping for that amazing find, that one cool dress or shirt that would give me the confidence to get on that bus and show up for my first day of 5th grade(or 8th grade... or 12th). I know there is a little chic out there looking right now and I'm giving her my crochet caps and small (for me) skirts and tops, braided and metallic belts, skirts, shoes and anything else I can find that I haven't worn.

There is really nothing better than a good find at the local good will shop or Arch or whichever. I just wish I could be there to dig through and find treasures in the LA warehouse... Oh well.

Pictures of happy new dresses to come!

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