Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When it rains...

The influenza viruses that caused Hong Kong Flu.The Flu.Here's a quick update:

(mostly because I spent the night sleeping on the floor of my bathroom with the flu...)

They identified the owner of the car that hit me. No one is sure if it was the same guy that was in the car. (why no one knows that is beyond me...) I have to go downtown for a photo line up to try and identify him. The police told me that the woman was a hooker he had picked up just minutes before. No one knows why she was driving and where she is now. The owner, who the police have talked to on the phone, says he does have insurance (I have a strong feeling he is lying) and that he just can't find the paperwork. Until then, the cops have impounded his car until he can produce said documents. I have accepted that I will never see a penny.

One year agoNot me...My neck is much better but for some reason I am now knee deep in the flu. Massive chest congestion, fever, aches and to top it all off I spent all night with my head in the toilet. Nice. I went to the doctor today; it's going to end up costing me about $800 to get me back into shape with physical therapy and meds. That's my cost. My car is going to be AT LEAST $500 (the deductible) and they will most likely raise my rates.

I am so angry and frustrated and tired. It's probably mostly the flu but I still want to inflict some kind of damage on this person. I know I won't feel that way tomorrow but today, at this moment, that is how I feel.

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