Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick! Ice! no wait... butter? Crap, just google it.

I burnt the living hell out of my hand.

Ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic. But burns hurt, even if they are small.

I was stupid and left the oven on after I was done using it and plum forgot all about it! Good golly gosh I am so much like my mother sometimes.

Turns out, if you leave the oven on for four hours, the outside gets just as hot as the inside. (or at least it does when you have a coco brown, 1960 Electric Living oven... it doesn't even have self cleaning! I digress.)

So a note from Auntie Pix, even if you never use it, get a damned first aid kit. After finally sticking my blistering flesh in cold running water, I realized how unprepared I was for things like this. I live alone and if I had a serious accident I'd be mopping up my wound with dirty kitchen towels...

Go to Amazon right now and get one for $40. Cause when your leaned up against the sink with tears in your eyes, your skin bubbling up, all alone, you are going to want something to ease the pain. Believe me.

Oh, and get a big sign to hang in the kitchen that says, "Turn off the oven. You may not be Martha Stewart but if you can avoid burning yourself or the house down, you get a gold star." I'll have the mock up for my new sign soon.
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